December 05, 2017

How To Create Instagram Posts That Drive Sales

 Ever look at Instagram accounts that have really good content ad and you wonder how they create it? worry no more, because this post is going to be more focused on creating content using your iPhone, or Android if that's more your style, and how you can use this content to drive sales!

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How To Create Instagram Posts That Drive Sales - Trildeon Blog
  • The Types of Content To Create 

The types of content you can create on Instagram is essentially endless but they boil down into two main groups of content... business content and "behind the scenes" or less quality content that is more personable.

For business content you want to focus on providing something of value to your followers, giving them a reason to follow. There are thousands of motivational and quotes accounts out there, what are you going to do to stand out fro the crowd?!

​Some examples of what you can do to provide value and give people a reason to follow you are to post content around educating your audience around something you have a skill in. Say your business revolves around basketball, post "how to" content around basketball and start growing an audience around the basketball niche.

Or if you have a financial business, you could post tips everyday for personal finance and how they can apply things into their life or short videos on what they can do to manage their finances in everyday life!

The other category of content is more personal content such as personal stories, behind the scenes of your life or company and anything more personal, but still related to the theme of your page.

This content can go either on the page itself or in the Instagram story which I find very helpful and use multiple times a day for this type of content!

With all this content to post don't forget to sell as well, because without sales your business will die. So, a good rule that I learned from Gary Vaynerchuk was to post three pieces of value content for every one "sell."
  • How To Create Instagram Posts

Other than the personal content that is easy as taking your iPhone and shooting a short video or even just taking a picture that goes along with your story, there are a handful of apps that I have found work best for creating the rest of the types of posts and videos!

If you are looking for putting text on pictures then here are some of my favorite apps that I use below:
  • Typorama
  • Pixlr
  • Word Swag
  • Canva

If you are editing or even putting video clips together into one here are my two favorite apps
  • iMovie (for editing/ adding text)
  • Regrammer (for resizing the video to fit Instagram's format)

And if you are looking at putting other images on top of one another then check out the app Pixlr that I mentioned above as they make it easy for you to overlay images from the app!

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